Tree planting in Israel at Neot Kedumim Park

Tree planting in Israel at Neot Kedumim

A unique experience that carries on flourishing long after your trip is over

Neot kedumim is a restored ecological nature reserve. It spread across 625 acres of revived landscape. Here you can find the plants and trees of the land of milk and honey as well as excavated and restored ancient agricultural installations, vineyards and olive groves, water pools, wildlife and breathtaking views.

Tree planting is a unique experience that carries on flourishing long after your trip is over. Here we offer you the chance to help ecologically restore the ancient landscapes by planting indigenous trees that are mentioned in the Bible and are part of our heritage.

  1. Forest Tree*

Upon arrival to the Visitors’ Center, be escorted by our gardener to one of our tree planting sites. Saplings of forest trees are provided together with pre-printed certificates and a prayer.

The duration of the activity is about 30 minutes.

We strongly recommend adding a guided tour with one of our experienced guides to enhance and enrich the tree planting activity. (At an additional cost).

     *There is a 10 tree minimum requirement.

  1. Olive Tree – Grove of Light Project

Neot Kedumim has reserved ancient terraces in its ‘Grove of Seven Species’ upon which individually numbered olive saplings are planted. We offer the opportunity to mark the milestones in the lives of your family and friends, by dedicating an olive tree that will be planted in their honor and can grow with them and will forever be their dedicated tree.

Olive trees can be dedicated to celebrate a marriage, the birth of a child, a wedding or Bar/Bat mitzvah, and of course in memory of a loved one. We provide personalized certificates to commemorate the dedication.


To book tree planting and for more information, please contact the Incoming Tourism Department | Phone: +972 (0)8 – 9770782