The Biblical Heritage series

The Biblical Heritage series is published in hard cover in Hebrew and English.

by Nogah Hareuveni
English translations by Helen Frenkley
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1. Nature in Our Biblical Heritage
How is the development of monotheism rooted in Israel’s climate and crops? Explores the inextricable ties between the Biblical tradition—holidays, customs, and calendar—and Israel’s natural and agricultural landscapes.
revised 1996 edition. 144 pp, 107 color, 13 b/w photos.

2. Tree and Shrub in Our Biblical Heritage
Both words and trees take on new meanings in this prizewinning exploration of specific plants in the Bible and Talmud. What was the secret of the burning bush? How did Samson trick Delilah? Why did David ask to be cleansed with hyssop? And much more.
1984.142 pp, 82 color, 24 b/w photos.

3. Desert and Shepherd in Our Biblical Heritage
Illuminating text and breathtaking photos transport the reader into Israel’s deserts, the nation’s ancient crucible. Brings to life the vistas and experiences that shaped the prophets and psalmists and infused their poetry. Special emphasis on Psalm 23.
1991. 160 pp, 112 color photos.

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