Pesach Festival At Neot kedumim Park

Passover at Neot kedumim Park-(Program in Hebrew)

Sunday 9th April, Monday 10th April and Thursday 13th April
09:00-17:00 (Last entry 15:00)
Tuesday 11th April 09:00-13:00 (Last entry 11:30)

We know the story of the Exodus from Egypt, the slavery, the 10 plagues and wandering in the desert. But what were the Israelites doing in Egypt to begin with and was it always bad for them there?

Come to Neot kedumim Park for a dreamlike experience where you will get to know the stories of Joseph in Egypt, how he interpreted the most complicated of dreams and never stopped dreaming himself!



  • There are 2 walking trails to choose from that are suitable for the whole family:

🚩long track (2.5 km).

🚩Short track (1.5 km, stroller accessible).

Along the routes, there are Biblical characters telling stories and giving explanations, observation points and ancient agricultural facilities.

  • ‘The Dreamer’ – A show for all the family
  • Build with mud and straw bricks like the slaves in Egypt
  • Spin wool
  • Decipher hieroglyphics
  • ‘Selfie’ Corner with costumes
  • Scenic tour train around the park (additional cost)
  • Musical performance with instruments from around the world


55 NIS per person (from age 3 +)

50 NIS per person when purchasing 5 + tickets

 for details in hebrew