Senior Citizens Month

Senior Citizens Month

Neot Kedumim is pleased to invite senior citizens’ groups to enjoy easy walking tours in the reserve. Using biblical stories you will be able to experience nature and plant life as our ancestors did thousands of years ago. All on relaxed, easy walking trails with many rest stops and plenty of shade.

You may choose from a number of themes:

Symbols and Parables: Nature, man and everything in between
Nature and scenery in Song of Songs: A tours walk based on the Song of Songs, inspired by the natural landscapes and expressions of love described in the boo
Personalities in nature and Nature in personalities: Images from the lives of the men of the Mishnah and Talmud against the background of nature’s landscape

Details for Senior Citizens month – a guided tour:

Cost: NIS 25 per person based on 30 full-paying participants
For tour train, additional cost of NIS 500 per group.
Length of tour (including stops with short explanations) – approximately 2 hours
The tour is an easy and comfortable walk, and can be conducted in any of several languages
Our guides are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly and they love the Land of Israel
Visits must be booked in advance. To do so, please call 08-977-0770.

Neot Kedumim is a participant in Senior Citizens Month – October 14-December 14, 2012, in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services