Sukkot Exhibit at Neot Kedumim

Succah Exhibition at Neot Kedumim Biblical Nature Park

"You shall keep the feast of sukkot (booths) seven days, when you gather in from your threshing floor and your wine press"
(Deuteronomy 16:13)

A sukka that is higher than 20 cubits”
(Mishna Sukka 1, 1)

Located in the heart of the Neot Kedumim Biblical Park lies the worlds’ only succah exhibition.  The Talmud and Mishna talk about at least 50 different types of Succot and we invite you to stroll through the 20 life size succot that we have constructed.

What does the exhibition include?

  • 20 different types of Succot of all shapes, sizes and materials,
  • A quote next to each Succah from the Talmud and the Mishna
  • The succot are accessible and you are welcome to go into each one.
  • During the festival we have Succot on a camel, a boat and up a tree.

“…A sukka on the back of a camel”
(Mishna Sukka 2, 3)

“A sukka on the deck of a ship”
(Mishna Sukka 2, 3)

“A sukka with a grapevine or pumpkin vine trained over it”
(Mishna Sukka 1, 4)

“A sukka on the roof of another sukka”
(Mishna Sukka 1, 2)

“A sukka in a treetop”
(Mishna Sukka 2, 3)

“A sukka on a cart”
(Mishna Sukka 2, 3)

“A sukka like a cone-shaped hut”
(Mishna Sukka 1, 11)