Interfaith Inspirational Nature Tour - Neot Kedumim Park

Interfaith Inspirational Nature Tour

Neot Kedumim Park

Neot Kedumim, is the world's only biblical nature reserve, spread across 625 acres of restored landscape, hidden in quiet and picturesque foothills of Judea, between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It is dotted with olive groves, wheat fields and vineyards, recreating the physical setting of the Bible. Here we use nature and the ancient scriptures as sources of inspiration for our guided tours and workshops.

“And they shall build houses, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them… for as the days of a tree shall be the days of My people” (Isaiah 65:21-22)

All faiths and religions relate to nature as a source of inspiration and connection to The Divine.

  • Tour our Biblical Park which is 625 acres of restored hills and valleys, just like the landscape that prophets walked upon. See wide vistas of vineyards, olive trees and fields of wheat and barley, learning the true meaning of the land flowing with milk and honey.
  • Visit ancient agricultural installations such as cisterns, oil and wine presses and threshing floors with citations from the ancient scriptures.
  • Walk along our trails of Biblical plants engaging all your senses to discover the ancient landscape through color, taste and fragrance. Learn about the significance of emblematic Biblical plants such as the Date Palm, the Fig, the Sycomore, the Almond, the Hyssop etc.
  • Length of Tour 2-3 hours (depending on your available time).
  • Our tours involve light walking and include some of the stations mentioned above. Each season and holiday has it’s own unique focus.

“The righteous shall flourish like the palm-tree; he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon” (Psalms 92:13)

“And We brought forth for you thereby gardens of palm trees and grapevines in which for you are abundant fruits and from which you eat”. (Surah Al  – Mu’Minun 19:23)

“Stretch out your sickle and reap, for harvest time has come and earth’s crop is fully ripe” (Revelations 14:15)