A Journey to the Ancient Land - Biblical Tour

A Journey to the Ancient Land

Neot Kedumim, is the world's only Biblical nature reserve, spread across 625 acres of restored landscape. Here you can find the plants and trees of Biblical Israel, as well as excavated and restored ancient agricultural installations, vineyards and olive groves, water pools, wildlife and breathtaking views.

The tour is interactive, fun and educational. It is like a journey back in time where daily life in the ancient land of Israel can be experienced with all our senses.

Along the Tour :

  • Draw water from an ancient cistern
  • Operate an oil press
  • Work with a hand flour mill and learn about ancient methods of food preparation
  • Stimulate your taste buds with a “Biblical snack” by crushing Hyssop to make Za’atar spice.

Along the trail identify the typical Biblical trees of the Forest of Milk and Honey alongside the  plants of the seven species and plants used for perfumes and medicinal purposes. Discover how nature and the landscape of Israel was a source of inspiration and wisdom throughout the ages.

 (Length – 2 hours)

For more information and reservations:

Contact: Neot Kedumim, The Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel
Telephone: + 972 8 9770782  Telefax: + 972 8 9770766  E-mail: [email protected]