Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Neot Kedumim

Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Neot Kedumim Park

Ceremony in nature | Guided tour | Festive meal (Suitable for groups of 20-70 participants)

Enjoy a unique, memorable and alternative Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience. Neot Kedumim recreates the physical setting of Biblical times, to enable a deeper understanding of the spiritual and symbolic meaning of our heritage and it's connection to the surrounding nature.
The symbols, prayers and holidays of the Jewish heritage that have been observed
for thousands of years blossom in a new and colorful dimension at Neot Kedumim Park.

Neot Kedumim offers a Bar/Bat Mitzvah modular program – Ceremony in nature | Guided tour | Festive meal:

Ceremony In The Heart Of Nature: 

The ceremony takes place in an inspiring scenic outdoor sukkah with a view which evokes the landscapes of the Bible. We provide a Torah scroll and you conduct your own ceremony. (You may bring your own Rabbi / Cantor / Facilitator).

Guided Tour*

A Celebration of colors, fragrances and tastes based on the scriptures -Israel’s nature is colorful and rich with fragrances and sights – a real feast for the senses. The tour includes:

The Echo Of Water – Visit and activate an ancient water facility, the social network of ancient times.

Shine Your Light – At the ancient and authentic oil press, learn about the central role of the olive tree in our culture, since the days of Noah to the present day. Make your own oil lamp and discover the olive oil’s representation of peace, eternity and inner light.

 Spice Up Your Life – Hyssop (Za’atar) spice preparation.

The Aroma of Love – Prepare your own perfume/Besamim sachets and pay the scented love forward, as Queen Esther did.

*Length and content of tour may vary according to available time and season.

Festive meal

Enjoy a delicious meat/dairy meal which is served by our in-house caterer.

for more information and reservations:

Kindly contact: Neot Kedumim, The Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel
Telephone: + 972 8 9770782  E-mail: [email protected]

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