Flavor of the Month - Course

Plants, Prophets and your Palate

Join Elly Waller, a senior guide at Neot Kedumim, on her "Flavor of the Month" course.

Discover how the Biblical verses, the sights, the fragrances and the tastes of the land of Israel join together in creative harmony on her walking tours.

Why this course? Why Flavor of the Month?

Whenever she guides, Elly will typically tell her groups that they will have to come back again because the park changes every single day and there is so much more to see and learn. This course ‘Flavor of the Month’ was built to try and answer that need – it will provide a taste of the changing seasons, the entire yearly cycle at Neot Kedumim. On each tour we will walk through a different part of the vast Nature Reserve. We will follow the Hebrew calendar, tracking the festivals, referencing the prophetic sources as we drink in the scenery, inhale the fresh fragrances and chance upon good things to eat and enjoy. There will always be delicious surprises.

When?  31.12.21 | 28.1.22 | 4.3.22 | 29.4.22 | 27.5.22 | 8.7.22

Times? 09:00-12:00 (the last meeting will be a sunrise tour)

Where? Neot Kedumim Park

Price?  750 NIS  (Payment can be made  in installments)


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About Elly

Elly Waller was born in Australia and first visited Neot Kedumim long ago, on her gap year in Israel between highschool and University.  Elly still remembers the moment on that tour where she noticed an unusual sight – the reflection of tall palms and majestic cedar trees in the water of Solomon’s Pool. The guide quoted from Psalms 92; “the righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, they shall grow like the cedars of Lebanon”  and King David’s dramatic words, pairing these trees that are rarely seen together in nature, suddenly came alive. The Bible, the words of the prophets and sages had always interested her and with a deeper understanding of nature, the texts had greater nuance and made more sense. After Elly graduated, qualifying as a Speech Therapist, she made Aliyah to Jerusalem and worked in schools, museums and other educational institutions. She developed and continues to run Letterlanders, a program for teaching English to young children.

When Elly moved to Modi’in, she was accepted into the Neot Kedumim training program for guides and  was able to fulfil a dream of returning to the Biblical Nature Reserve to learn more about nature and Tanach. Whilst new plantings and improvements are a constant daily project at Neot Kedumim, the date palms and cedar trees she originally saw many decades ago have matured, only becoming taller and more stately.  The more Elly finds herself in the wild, walking and hiking in Israel and as she continues to learn about and paint our extraordinary flowers and plants, the more she appreciates the beauty and power of this land. As a guide at Neot Kedumim, Elly feels privileged to pass on her passion for the wonders of nature seen through the prism of the ancient sources.


cancelation policy

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