Cooking with the Bible at Neot Kedumim Park

Cooking with the Bible

You can experience daily life in ancient Israel with your hands and your stomach when you participate in our special Biblical Cooking session.

This is wonderful group activity, which will enable you live and eat as our ancestors did.
• You will make pita bread and dip it into the olive oil and the hyssop spice which you have also made, to taste the staple food of biblical times.
• You will roast wheat kernels over an open fire to enjoy the “fast food” that Boaz offered Ruth when she was gleaning in his grain fields.
• You will cut a fig branch whose sap will curdle milk for your cheese, as did the shepherds in the land flowing with milk and honey.
• You will gather wild plants to make a tasty salad, thus re-living our ancestors’ survival mode in the winter, when there is no ripe fruit.

For more on foods of the Bible, see our Summer 2002 newsletter (PDF file)