Chanukka Activities at Park Neot Kedumim 2022

"Return to the Land of the Hasmoneans"

Chanukka Activities at Neot Kedumim Park (in Hebrew)

Hanukkah activities for the whole family:
Day: "Back to the Land of the Hasmoneans"
Evening: Only Light Can Drive Out Darkness- Lanterns Tour
For more information about activities for adults over Chanukah please refer to our Hebrew site


Wednesday-Friday 21st-23rd December (27-29 Kislev)
Sunday -Monday 25th-26th December (1-2 Tevet)
Hours: 09:00-16:00. Last entry at 14:00. Friday 09:00-13:00. Last entry at 11:00

What was life like during the time of the Maccabees?

What did they do without electricity once darkness fell?

Come and join the celebrations at Neot Kedumim Park in honor of Chanukkah. Activities include:

  • Extracting oil from olives using an ancient olive press
  • Meet exciting figures from the past
  • Minting copper coins
  • Oil lamp making
  • Riddle solving with a “Maccabee soldier”
  • Oil lamp exhibition featuring wicks and oils made from various natural materials
  • Gymboree for toddlers
  • Walking routes with activity stations along the way

Price – 50 NIS per person. Children under 3 – free entry

Family Ticket (5 + visitors) – 45 NIS per person

Ticket purchase also available upon arrival

Program is subject to changes

Please note program is in Hebrew!

 Only Light Can Drive Out Darkness- Lanterns Tour– Evening Program

Tuesday-Thursday 20th-22nd December (26 -28 Kislev)

Sunday 25th December (1 Tevet)

Tour departs promptly at 16:00 (cannot join in the middle).

Did children have a bedtime in ancient times? Were they scared of the dark? Join the Lanterns tour, where day turns to night and discover the answers. Learn about the heroism of the Maccabees, make unique oil lamps and walk with lanterns through the starlit park.

Tour departs at 16:00 (it is not possible to join in the middle). Duration of the tour is approximately 2 hours. It is advisable to bring warm clothes and closed shoes.

Price 45 NIS per person. Children under 3 – free admission.

Tickets for the lantern tour can only be pre purchased.

To purchase a lantern tour click here

For more details:  08 977 0758