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Family Trail

In our effort to bring more families to Neot Kedumim, we have begun work on a new Family Trail, which will include a walking path through the Reserve. Visitors can bring strollers and have an easy, enjoyable hike appropriate for the entire family.

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the infrastructure for the trail, and anticipate opening it to the general public this summer. The trail will include a wide variety of attractions - restored agricultural installations and many children’s activities. A restored water-powered flour mill was completed next to Solomon’s Pool, around which trees have been planted.  Water is now flowing from a “hidden spring between the rocks” to the flour mill, and from there is a small channel to Solomon’s Pool.

The flour mill was inaugurated during the week of Passover with a variety of activities for the entire family. Since the end of the Passover holiday, we have continued work on the signage and marking of boundaries for the Family Trail, as well as finalizing the programs and activities that will be offered when the trail opens this summer.






Outdoor Lodging

We have completed the infrastructure and preparations for finalizing two outdoor camping areas – wide spaces that include cleared areas for pitching tents, restrooms, showers and shaded areas. The areas will be large enough to accommodate up to 1,000 campers at a time.  During the recent Passover vacation we hosted overnight camps from Israeli youth movements and from the educational movement Shelach (Nature, Land and Society) at the campsite






Recent Events


Minister of Agriculture
Israel’s Agriculture Minister, MK Yair Shamir visited Neot Kedumim on May 11 to familiarize himself with the Reserve, the botanical gardens and the wide variety of agricultural and educational activities that we offer.  While at the Reserve, Mr. Shamir met with Nathan Eitan and Shlomo Teitelbaum.





On May 6, as Neot Kedumim welcomed families celebrating Israel’s Independence Day, we also hosted a very special group of police officers from the New York City Police Department.  These representatives of New York’s finest came to the Reserve for a special seminar at Neot Kedumim’s Leadership Training Center.





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