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In early May, a young woman from Canada, who had just finished a visit with the Birthright Israel (Taglit) program visited Neot Kedumim and held a very moving, personal ceremony. She planted oak saplings in the reserve’s Harvey Hertz Ceremonial Tree Planting Center.
Before coming to Israel, Alexandra asked her father, a Holocaust survivor who never visited Israel, what she should bring back for him. His answer was to “plant trees in Israel on my behalf."
In fulfilling her father’s wish, Alexandra allowed Neot Kedumim to be a very part in commemorating the fall of Nazi Germany, and the victory of life, as represented by the Alexandra’s newly planted trees, over death.
The emotional moment was captured in this picture.   




Celebrated singer and performer Dudu Fisher spent two days at Neot Kedumim on May 5-6 filming an episode for the children’s show that he hosts “In Dudu’s Garden.”

Two delegations of culinary journalists from Russia and Ukraine enjoyed guided tours of Neot Kedumim, complete with an introductory session on biblical food, led by Dr. Tova Dickstein. The Russian delegation consisted of a television crew from the Russian Culture television station, who participated in a biblical bread-making activity.


In late April Neot Kedumim was pleased to welcome back an old friend, Reverend John Atkinson and his 27 participants on his evangelical mission from CMJ (Church’s  Ministry among the Jewish People) South Africa. See the video clip in which Reverend Atkinson explains the very special connection forged by his flock at the reserve every time they visit.
 Secondly, I wanted to make sure that you have the video clip of Rev. Atkinson to add to the short write-up about his group.


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