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Christmas Greetings‏‏

One of Jesus’ most widely quoted parables concerned the “lilies of the field”. Ephraim and Hannah Hareuveni, the parents of Neot Kedumim founder Noga Hareuveni, were convinced that the lily of which Jesus spoke was in fact the Israel chamomile daisy. To read about the plant and its identification, click here

Neot Kedumim is a reconstructed biblical landscape reserve in the heart of the Land of Israel. We recognize the many years of love and support the Evangelical Christian community worldwide has demonstrated to the Holy Land. Now, we would like to invite you to enjoy a special tour of Neot Kedumim. See and experience life as with the ancient agricultural installations as existed in the time of Jesus. See and smell the same plants and trees that served as the basis of many of his parables and teachings.


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