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On  November 28, Neot Kedumim hosted some 40 representatives of Incoming Tourism from across Israel. Working in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism and the Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association, these agents participated in a professional tour of the reserve during which they were introduced to the variety of programs and activities available at Neot Kedumim for visitors from abroad. Additionally, the operators enjoyed a wonderful biblical style vegetarian lunch and traveled around the reserve on our special tour bus. They tried their hand at goat herding with Neot Kedumim’s flock, and learned a short lesson in leadership from our shepherds. They met and chatted with a Torah scribe and planted trees at our tree planting center. The visit finished with a gorgeous view of the rising of a full moon.





Approximately 25 members of the staff of Ophir Tours Incoming Tourism visited Neot Kedumim on November 28, for a guided tour, breakfast and an opportunity to see several of the activities offered by Neot Kedumim for tourists.





As we have done for a number of years, on October 30, Neot Kedumim welcomed once again had the pleasure of hosting a group from CENTI (Centro Internacional de Teoterapia Integral), an international Christian church. 360 pilgrims from South America enjoyed participating in our biblical tour, and meeting our Torah scribe, Zecharia. The group finished the daywith a farewell celebration dance in the amphitheater.





On October 30, 150 pilgrims from the Ukraine visited Neot Kedumim to participate in a very emotional tree planting ceremony. 200 oak and almond trees were planted in the Milk and Honey forest on a live broadcast the Russian Christian television channel, CNL TV.






During the recent escalation of violence in the south, Neot Kedumim, in conjunction with JNF-USA decided to welcome some 1,500 school children from Israel’s south to visit the reserve free of charge. While hoping for more peaceful days in the near future, the children, who ranged from 1st – 12th grade, were able to enjoy a wide variety of guided tours and activities.'


The Educational Council of the Lachish Regional Council wrote to us afterwards, saying that the experience at Neot Kedumim enabled the children “to forget, even if for a few hours, the sirens, the bomb shelters and the fear.”


Neot Kedumim was proud to have done our small part in assisting these children to get through what none of us should ever be forced to.




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