Groups and events from within Israel

     April 1-5, 2012: Neot Kedumim’s pre-Pesach day camp,  “The voice calls us to wander” gave children a wonderful opportunity to follow the  journey of the Children of Israel from the tie time they went down to Egypt until they came back out and made their way to the Land of Israel. The camp included tours through the reserve combined with creative games, group-building and experiential challenge activities, plays and wilderness survival. The week finished with wonderful musical competition.

April 8-11, 2012: Some 10,000 people helped make our Passover “Magical Fairy Tales Park” a smashing success. Coordinated in conjunction with the “Artists’ Headquarters” and held over the intermediate days of Passover, visitors from all over Israel enjoyed plays for children, street theater, guided tours and experiential activities such as painting in nature and constructing an ancient village using mud bricks.



    April 26, 2012: On Israel’s Independence Day, Neot Kedumim hosted its traditional “Independence Navigations” – Navigational tours and riddles for the entire family. The day included self-guided and the option for bicycle tours through the reserve. Many families came, and in addition to having fun, found the perfect place to escape the clouds of smoke for barbecues that enveloped the country.
    May 13, 2012: Neot Kedumim hosted a special Bar Mitzvah Happening for residents of the Modi’in Regional Council. Approximately 300 students from four schools in the Modi’in area participated in the guided tour and main ceremony.
    May 17, 2012: The Memorial activity for the IDF Adjutant Corps took place, and included special tours and navigational activities.
    May 18, 2012: About 1,300 employees of the RAD company enjoyed a day at Neot Kedumim with a variety of activities and guided tours

May 22, 2012: Neot Kedumim opened the school activities season when 400 students from the Rimon Educational Center in Kfar Yonah visited the reserve for a special Shavuot program, including a central ceremony and guided tours



Neot Kedumim is proud to continue with our “Personal Friday” tour series (in Hebrew only) with our special Shavuot tour about shepherds, goats and cheese. The “Week of Bread” tour is planned for the month of June


    Special tours and activities (in Hebrew) will take place every Thursday all summer long.


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