“The voice calls us to wander” - Pre-Pesach Day Camp


Pesach day camp at Neot-Kedumim


“The voice calls us to wander”

Day 1: Sunday April 1, 2012 – In the footsteps of Joseph: From the pit into the light

We will recreate the experiences and adventures of Joseph from his childhood in the home of our patriarch Jacob, through the story of the coat of many colors and until his rise to prominence as the second most powerful man in Egypt
• Preparing cases for small pillow – small pillows upon which great dreams were dreamed
• Making dream-catchers
• An enormous game of Snakes and Ladders
• Making jewelry from nature
• Treasure Hunt to get to know Neot Kedumim



Day 2: Monday April 2, 2012 – The secrets of ancient Egypt

Based on the characteristics, plants, water, food, culture and labor we will explore and learn what we can of ancient Egypt
• Making weaves from date palms
• Making bricks from mud and straw – just as our forefathers did in slavery
• Writing with reed pens
• Operating an ancient Egyptian water wheel



Day 3: Tuesday April 3, 2012 – In the footsteps of the Children of Israel (for 4-6 grades – extra-long day – finishes after dark)

Egypt, an agricultural based society, welcomes Jacob and his sons who are all shepherds. We will visit a sheep pen and learn about the life of shepherds, how they eat and live off of nature. We will become slaves as did our ancestors and embark on a navigational mission in search of the straw needed to make bricks.
• Making baskets like in which Moses was placed as a baby and floating them on water
• Spinning thread for making bracelets
• Cooking outdoors
• Visiting the sheep pen



Day 4: Wednesday April 4, 2012 – Moses’ deeds in Egypt and survival in the desert

We will follow the life of Moses: birth, becoming the leader of the Israelites, the 10 plagues, the exodus from Egypt, and the wandering in the desert to the Land of Israel. Like our nomadic forefathers, we will prepare cheese, visit the largest collection of Sukkot in Israel, and finally arrive in the “Promised Land”.
• Playing a game of tasks based on the 1o plagues
• Making our own “Tablets from Sinai”
• A challenging nature hike
• “Meeting” Moses and Joshua and hearing their stories.


Day 5: Thursday April 5, 2012 – End of the desert voices and entrance to the Land of IsraelUpon entering Israel, just like the Children of Israel, we will become farmers and begin growing the crops which best characterize the land – the seven species. At the end we hold our own Pesach seder, conduct a singing competition as per “The Voice”, for as the day camp is called “The Voice calls us to wander”…
• Building farming terraces
• Planting trees
• Mock Pesah seder
• “The Voice” song competition


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