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Israel’s Ministry of Tourism visit Neot Kedumim

 Mr. Shimon Sussan

Recently, Neot Kedumim was pleased to welcome representatives of Israel’s Ministry of Tourism for two separate events.

On Wednesday February 22, Neot Kedumim welcomed Noaz Bar-Nir, Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Tourism and his staff for a visit to the reserve to learn about our new development plans. Guided by Assistant Educational Director Avivit Shweiky, and joined by Neot Kedumim’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Micha Yinon and its General Director, Shlomo Teitelbaum, the group’s visit included a tour of Neot Kedumim in full bloom, and the opportunity to plant trees in the new Harvey Hertz Ceremonial Planting Center.

On Tuesday February 28, Neot Kedumim hosted the ceremony launching the new tourism association of the Modi’in region. Approximately 100 people, primarily tour operators in the regional council, took part in the event.

Attendees included members of Israel’s Ministry of Tourism, led by Director General Bar-Nir; the head of the association, Mr. Shimon Sussan; Ministry of Agriculture representative, Mr. Shai Dotan and Neot Kedumim General Director Shlomo Teitelbaum.







A team from National Geographic-Canada

spent two days in early March at Neot Kedumim filming a series about “Daily life in biblical times.”



Har-Shoshanim annual race

On Friday February 17, the 17th annual race in memory of First Lieutenant Yoav Har-Shoshanim z”l took place at Neot Kedumim.

Approximately 8,000 runners, including many teenagers and IDF soldiers took part in the event, in memory of Har-Shoshanim, a soldier who fell in the Lebanon War on February 7, 1994.

In addition to the race, there was a presentation entitled “Fighter-Values-Faith” in which Lt. Har-Shoshanim was described as a model of serving Israel by way of meaningful military service and a productive civilian life.  During the presentation senior officers were on hand to meet and chat with the young adults in attendance.

Participating in the event were ministerial and governmental representatives, as well as IDF officers.








On Tuesday March 3, 2012 some 500 Hewlett-Packard distributors and their spouses from around the world spent the day at Neot Kedumim’s leadership center for team-building activities and a nature experience. The distributors were from all over the world – including the United States, Europe, South America, India, Cuba and more.


Among the activities in which the group participated were drawing water from a cistern, goat herding, a firing range and more. Add to that a rich biblical style lunch and you have the perfect recipe for a wonderful day enjoyed by all.





On February 23, on a sunny winter day, we had the pleasure to host a special group: CAARI: The Jewish National Fund’s Canadian and American Active Retirees in Israel.

For the last 29 years these seniors come for several weeks to tour the country from north to south, do voluntary work in schools, hospitals etc. and to strengthen their ties to Israel.

Susan Horwitz , Program Director, says: "The seniors who come with us represent the Jewish community in Canada and the States; they are Zionists who support and love Israel. By visiting Neot Kedumim we can understand the linked connection between the Bible and Eretz Israel.

Throughout the tour the stories become clear and vivid. This time we enjoyed the experience of herding goats and sheep which added lots of fun to the educational program. The carpets of wild flowers that decorate the nature reserve also contributed to our successful visit."

CAARI, we look forward to host you next year, on the 30 TH anniversary!!!







Fire Scouts

On Monday February 27, Neot Kedumim was the site for the closing ceremony for Israel’s Fire Scouts training course, in which approximately 300 students from five of Israel’s 24 Fire Scout regions (Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria, Be’er Sheva and Ashkelon) took part.


This annual program focusing on enriching the Fire Scout program in Israel, welcomed several new partners this year, including the Jewish National Fund (JNF), the Uri Maimon Commemorative Scout Society and The Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites (SPIHS).


During their visit to Neot Kedumim, participants toured the reserve, listened to our guides, planted tree saplings in the new Harvey Hertz Ceremonial Planting Center, and finished the day by gathering for a moving ceremony attended by Minister of Public Security, MK Yitzhak Aharonovitch, Fire Services Commissioner Shachar Ayalon, CEO of the JNF, Russell Robinson, and several major donors.


Tzvia Rivan, delivered a very emotional address at the closing ceremony. Tzvia is the mother of Elad Rivan, z”l, a volunteer of the Fire Scouts who lost his life at the age of 16, while trying to save a group of Prison Service cadets whose bus caught fire during the Mount Carmel forest fire in December 2010




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