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Kim Carson visits Neot Kedumim
On December 19, 2011 Neot Kedumim had the pleasure of hosting American reporter and radio personality Ms. Kim Carson. Accompanied by senior staff member Iris, Ms. Carson enjoyed an extended and very emotional tour of the reserve which included planting an oak sapling that will help revive our ancient forest of milk and honey, harvesting olives and making olive oil using an ancient oil press from Talmudic times and even preparing the za'atar spice from dried hyssop leaves. Kim was excited and surprised to see our magnificent Biblical park and the effort that is put into maintaining it and making the visit a fun and educational experience. She posted some videos on her website


Pilgrims from the Ivory Coast
On Friday, December 9, Neot Kedumim was proud to host the large pilgrim group “Assemblée de Dieu” (Assembly of God) from the Ivory Coast. Many of the group members hailed from the capital city of Abidjan. Among the pilgrims was a forest ranger, who told us he was in heaven because the visit made him realize how strong the ties are between the scripture and the physical reality of the Holy Land. One of the Neot Kedumim guides was interviewed for the Abidjan's local Christian Radio. The tour culminated with the prayer “... next year in Jerusalem and Neot Kedumim”.


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Sar-El Tours gala dinner
The tour agents from Sar-El Tours came to Neot Kedumim in January for a gala dinner in Ophira’s Hall. After being greeted by “Father Abraham” (actor and Neot Kedumim guide Ziv Barel), the agents received a souvenir made up of the aromatic plants of Neot Kedumim, the same plants that made up the incense (Hebrew: ketoret) in the Holy Temple.


Amiel Tours visits Neot Kedumim
In February the team of operators and staff from Amiel Tours visited Neot Kedumim. Their memorable tour led by senior guides Michal and Yair included the opportunity to plant trees in the new Harvey Hertz Ceremonial Planting Center. The visit culminated with Amiel Tours’ annual company meeting in the Zayit Hall and a delicious biblical meal.


Tour agents from around the world visit Neot Kedumim
In January and February Neot Kedumim had the opportunity to show several groups of tour agents from across the globe first-hand the range of activities that we offer their visitors to Israel.  Agents from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Holland, Germany, the United States, France, and more planted trees, met our Torah Scribe, herded sheep and goats and sampled our Biblical menu.  We look forward to hosting groups sent by all of these agents for many years to come.




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