From the Chairman of American Friends of Neot Kedumim

Dear Friends,

As it seems to do every year, the holiday of Passover has snuck up on us.  Despite how hard we work to prepare for the holiday –especially with the cleaning and cooking, we are nevertheless reminded that this is in fact the festival that marks our freedom.  We commemorate the freedom from the slavery of Egypt, and from the norms and rules of a culturenot our own.

Passover celebrates the formation of the Children of Israel as a people, together leaving the life of slavery behind them as they began the journey through the desert and through 40 years of nomadic existence culminating in re-claiming the Land of Israel, a tiny strip of land that was promised to their forefathers to be theirs.

Today, that same land once again is fulfilling the destiny of belonging to the Jewish people, thus connecting us with our ancestors who were here more than 3,000 years ago.

This is a gift that Neot Kedumim does not take lightly. More than 100 years ago Efraim and Hanna Hareuveni had a dream, which was brought to fruition by their son Noga, 50 years ago. They envisioned a place where people could come from around the world to see, touch, smell, taste and experience life as it was in this very land during the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Kings David and Solomon, the prophets and the poets. Courtesy of your friendship and generous support, we have the privilege of living the dream of the Hareuvenis.

Today, as we prepare for Passover, and we recognize the freedom that we have been granted, it seems only right that I take this opportunity to thank you. Your belief in the vision that is Neot Kedumim and your generosity in enabling us to continually develop the reserve is truly a blessing for which we are grateful.

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy Passover.



Susan Aberbach, Chairman
American Friends of Neot Kedumim.


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