From the Director of Neot Kedumim

For the autumn has passed, and the rain is gone. The early buds are seen in the ground, the time has come for the nightingale to sing, and the sound of the turtledove fills our land. The fig tree ripens her figs, and the blossoming grapevines in blossom give their fragrance.
(Song of Songs, 2:11-13)

Dear friends,

After several years of drought, The Holy One granted has us with a winter filled with blessed rain. Every corner of Neot Kedumim is filled with trees and flowers smiling with gratitude.

According to our Jewish tradition, when the rains of blessing fall in Israel it is the reward for the Jewish people acting the way the Lord wishes us to. I hope that this year’s rains were in fact a reward rather than charity given in spite of our shortcomings.

As the year progresses we are continuing with our plan to add the evening experience at Neot Kedumim with the audio-visual exhibit which will operate throughout the warm summer nights. We remain hopeful that we will successfully collect the donations which will make this wonderful project a reality.

This is the perfect opportunity to thank you all for partnership in realizing our important goals, and to wish you all a very happy Passover, our Festival of Freedom.

Shlomo Teitelbaum,
Executive Director, Neot Kedumim

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