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Mennonite Christians

Among the many denominations of Christians who have visited Neot Kedumim and connected with the land and their religious roots are the Mennonites. In September 2011 Neot Kedumim hosted two groups of Mennonite Christians, a Christian Anabaptist denomination originally from Germany and Dutch-speaking parts of central Europe. Over the years, Mennonites have become known as one of the historic "peace churches" because of their commitment to nonviolence. There are approximately 1.5 million Mennonites worldwide.

The groups who visited Neot Kedumim experienced a Pilgrim tour which included stops at a water cistern and an olive press. They then saw a sycomore tree, like the one mentioned in the story of Zacchaeus' meeting with Jesus in Jericho. At the end of the tour the groups also met with a Torah Scribe who demonstrated his ancient craft. 

New Initiative for English speakers in Israel

Neot Kedumim guide Joanna Maissel has launched a new initiative to build partnerships between Neot Kedumim and organizations of English-speaking immigrants living in Israel. The pilot program which took place on November 2, 2011 included a tour of the reserve with one of our senior guides and included explanations and discussions of many possible programs which Neot Kedumim can offer Israel's English-speaking immigrant community. For further details, please contact our Incoming Tourism department at

Fall and Winter Tour Series

During the fall and winter, Neot Kedumim is offering two Friday morning tours each month which are open to the general public. The next tour will be on December 30 at 9:00am, and the theme will be “Olive Trees filled with fruit, the Oil Presses are Active, Light and the Hanukkah Candles – Warm Hanukkah stories from the Heart of the Land of the Maccabees.”

In January our tours will be held on January 6 and January 27, centered on the theme “Millions of Cyclamens, Thousands of Anemones – Green Fields and the Wild Winter

For further information and to register for any of these wonderful tours, please contact Neot Kedumim by phone at +972 8 977 0770.

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