Remembering Batya (Beth) Uval z"l

  Batya (Beth) Uval, z”l   



On October 26, 2010 the staff of Neot Kedumim gathered with family and friends for a memorial ceremony on the first anniversary of the passing of Batya (Beth) Uval, z"l, a long long-time member of the Neot Kedumim staff and family. Batya was a senior guide at Neot Kedumim, as well as the Director of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah programs and the long-time editor of the Neot Kedumim newsletter. After a short tour through Neot Kedumim, we congregated at Batya's favorite oil press, in the Seven Species section of the reserve for an emotional ceremony during which a plaque in her memory was presented.


 Shlomo Teitelbaum's words in memory of Batya (Beth) Uval on the first anniversary of her passing

The oil of the olive press and its light – and eternal flame in Batya's memory
Nothing can perpetuate the memory of Batya as well as the olive, the Menorah, and light.

"When you raise the candles (in the Holy Temple) the seven candles will light up the Menorah" (Numbers 8:2).  The Babylonian Talmud Shabbat teaches us that the live of olive oil is beautiful and does not flicker at all, rather the flame rose straight.

The Sages also teach us that when Sarah learned that she was to give birth to Isaac "her face lit up like the flame of olive (oil)".

Batya's presence was always accompanied by a light of optimism, as though she had always "just heard" some wonderful news and her face lit up like the flame of olive (oil).  Speaking with her drove away the shadows and dispelled the clouds from the air.

Signifying the candles lit in the Holy Temple, the commandment of lighting the weekly Shabbat candles falls to mother. The significance of this commandment is that the candles increase both light and peace in the Jewish home.

A minimum of two Shabbat candles are lit every week – one to signify "Zachor" – remembering the Shabbat (Exodus 20:7), and one to signify "Shamor" – observing the Shabbat (Deuteronomy 10:11).

Dear Batya, we will remember you in our hearts and observe that your light is never extinguished.  We, the friends and students of Neot Kedumim who continue to climb the mountain must make every effort to try to follow your path. And with our limited strength of our strength, without arrogance or conceit and with an inner light and humility we now light a candle in your memory, a small flame as witness to the fact that you were our flame that rose straight.



Batya’s daughter, Efrat Gal, speaking at the memorial ceremony    Batya’s son, Eliav Uval-Ne'eman, sang in Batya’s memory 
The Batya (Beth) Uval Memorial Olive Press    

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