Sukkot Exhibit at Neot Kedumim


The rabbis of the Mishna and Talmud ruled on the validity of some 50 kinds of sukkot. The Neot Kedumim staff has constructed life-size models of over 20 of the sukkot discussed by the sages. The texts debating the validity of the sukka appear beside each model.

A sukka that is higher than 20 cubits"
(Mishna Sukka 1, 1)
  "...A sukka on the back of a camel"
(Mishna Sukka 2, 3)
  "A sukka on the deck of a ship"
(Mishna Sukka 2, 3)
"A sukka with a grapevine or pumpkin vine trained over it"
(Mishna Sukka 1, 4)

"A sukka on the roof of another sukka"
(Mishna Sukka 1, 2)
  "A sukka in a treetop"
(Mishna Sukka 2, 3)
"A sukka on a cart"
(Mishna Sukka 2, 3)
"A sukka like a cone-shaped hut"
(Mishna Sukka 1, 11)



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