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Bird and Ecology Center at Neot Kedumim

Neot Kedumim Reserve, located at the Ben Shemen forest, is initiating a Bird and Ecology Center, in collaboration with "Hoopoe" - the Yeruham Center of Ecology and Ornithology.

The bird center has started its activity at the special reserve and will focus on various activities:

  • A variety of birding and ecological tours with biblical context for the wide public.
  • Research including a bird ringing station for long-term monitoring of migratory and local bird diversity.
  • Guiding the reserve crew and the public on various aspects of ornithology.

Preliminary work by the "Hoopoe" crew included bird ringing, revealing a high diversity of bird species. This reflects the special vegetation profile of the reserve - a mixture of the Israeli biblical flora and reconstruction of the ancient traditional Hebrew agriculture.

The silvicultural practices in the reserve prevent invasions and preserve high plant diversity through maintaining various niches and habitats for plants. Consequently, many species of birds correspond to this diverse vegetation profile and are attracted to the reserve. The crops yield different food types for the birds, and bird body condition appears to be high compared with other sites in Israel.

 At this stage, the center will offer a monthly bird tour for the public, to get familiar with the reserve bird community throughout the year. In the future other activities will be offered as well.

The center's activity will be led by Yoram Zvik and Dr. Eyal Shochat.


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