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Dr. Andy and Dr. Maris Rosenberg dedicated the pomegranate terrace in memory of their beloved parentsa.

Dr. Maris and Dr. Andy Rosenberg, with their children Gabe, Shira and Lexie, a longtime friends of Neot Kedumim, came today to Neot Kedumim with their extended family for a dedication ceremony in the pomegranate terrace in memory of their parents Faygie and Bernie Rosenberg and Eleanor and Benjamin Dobrow.
During their visit, the family planted 2 pomegranate trees, had a tour in the seven species area, crushed olives in the oil press, turned the water wheel by the fig tree and visited the vineyard where Shira planted a vine in 1997 while celebrating her Bat Mitzva here in Neot Kedumim.
It was a very emotional and memorable event for all of us.
Yishar Ko'ach and thank you Rosenberg family.
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