Jewish heritage Tour - Guided tours for groups

"That good land, which the Lord your God give you for an inheritance" 

Deuteronomy 4:21
Step into the biblical landscape of our ancestors.

Guided tours for all seasons for Jewish groups

 Duration: 1.5–3 hours

Suggested Programs
Orientation and lookout.
An introduction to Neot Kedumim and its location. Learn about the history of this fascinating and unique landscape – first the dream which inspired it, then the love and the work which transformed the dream into a reality.

Spring and Early Summer Program - Shivat Haminim: The Seven Species
Engaging all of your senses, you will see the Seven Species in blossom. Enjoy the delicate fragrance of grape blossoms, taste delicious sweet date honey (silaan), the biblical delicacy of parched (toasted) wheat kernels, and infuse oil with aromatic myrtle. Operate an authentic olive press and harvest grain on a threshing floor, sit under the vine and fig, raise a glass of l'chaim. Learn what makes these particular products of Israel so unique that the Bible would set them aside. Capture the moment with a group picture by the water wheel for a memory that will last a lifetime.

Fall Program -
Hag Ha'asif and Arba’at Haminim: The Ingathering Festival & Four Species Tour
The fall season when we gathering in the crops and prepare for the beginning of the rainy season. Try your hand at plowing and sowing the land and understand why the Torah describes the labor of bringing bread forth from the earth by the ‘sweat of your brow.’ Visit the life-size Sukkah exhibit illustrating the many possible variations. Walk through the gardens of the Four Species of Sukkot growing in their natural surroundings. Learn the symbolism and importance of the date palm, smell the myrtle and the etrog and enjoy sitting under the shade of the willow by the pool. The meaning of the four species is further enhanced by understanding their connection to water and their relevance to the history of the Jewish People and the Land of Israel.

Winter Program -
Olive, oil, and Menorah
There is no better time than the winter to visit Neot Kedumim. Start by visiting the remains of an ancient village in the Modi'in area, the birthplace of the Maccabees, to see how our ancestors lived. You will visit olive groves and pluck olives, then operate an authentic ancient stone olive press (beit bad) and learn about the other methods of producing oil. With the help of molds or with your own imagination, make ancient style clay oil lamps of different types. Then light them with olive oil in a darkened space and visit an exhibit on the oils and wicks used for light in ancient Israel. Besides the oil, the olive tree and its fruit play an important role in many metaphors and stories, and figure prominently on the emblem of the state of Israel.  

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